Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS) Announces Red Hills Surgical Center has Received Q1 2020 Best Practice Award


Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS) is pleased to announce Red Hills Surgical Center has received the Q1 2020 Best Practice Award. Red Hills has demonstrated outstanding capabilities in using the Envi® solution to create greater automation and improve end-to-end supply chain processes, ultimately reducing manual work and saving staff time. IOS continually identifies and shares best practices from customers to help educate the healthcare community on supply chain automation. Each quarter, IOS recognizes an organization demonstrating supply chain excellence.

The Red Hills Surgical Center provides patient-centered, compassionate and leading edge outpatient surgical procedures performed by 35 local physicians in a 17,000 square foot multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center. Red Hills Surgical Center is fully accredited through the Accrediting Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), allowing the organization to measure the quality of services and performance against nationally recognized standards. Not only is the organization recognized for clinical excellence, the IOS Best Practice award recognizes their exceptional performance in supply chain management.

Supply Chain Improvement Goals

Dan Stannard, administrator, Red Hills Surgical Center, set specific goals to improve their supply chain processes holistically. “Before implementing Envi, we were operating in two separate systems, and realized interoperability between our procurement and inventory management processes, and our existing surgical software solution, was vitally important. We recognized the need for a solution that provided the integration, while also supporting our goals around case costing, inventory management and price management.”

Stannard and the Red Hills team focused their efforts on the development of a completely automated, end-to-end supply management system. “We wanted more control of supply chain processes, and when we implemented Envi, it was to gain greater management of supplies, ordering, pricing, invoice matching and inventory,” said Stannard. “We looked at our entire supply chain, then set about improving automation and management of processes, and reducing manual workarounds.”

Best Practice Improvements

By integrating Envi with their existing surgical software and maintaining laser focus on their goal of automation, Red Hills Surgical Center has achieved a growing list of new efficiencies. Specific best practices include:

  • Integration between Envi and Red Hills’ legacy surgical software solution, increasing automation for clinicians and staff members, and building new efficiencies and visibility to procedures and patients
  • Greater control over supply chain processes, including item management, ordering, pricing, invoice matching and inventory
  • Using the Envi mobile app for purchase order approval, keeping supply orders on time and on track
  • Leveraging 3-way price match consistently to ensure correct invoice payments
  • Reducing the frequency of ordering, and maintaining lower levels of on-hand inventory, with better visibility to supplies and increased control over timing of orders and shipments
  • Standardizing contract pricing to manage spend, gaining greater value from both GPO and local contracts
  • Reducing manual workarounds to save staff time
  • Improving item master management – as an ASC, the Red Hills team continuously adds new items. With Envi, duplications are avoided and it’s easy to identify where the same or similar items are already in use
  • Implementing physical counting, which leverages Envi to print out location-specific physical count lists, supporting location-specific counts and supporting overall inventory management

Recognizing the Community of Healthcare Users Improving Supply Chain Processes

IOS works with more than 5,000 healthcare facilities throughout the United States. As a result of this large footprint and broad range of users, IOS continually identifies, documents and shares best practices designed to help healthcare organizations improve their supply chain processes and overall results.

“Our team is proud to help organizations like Red Hills achieve supply chain success,” said Steve Britt, President, IOS. “It’s an honor to share the stories of supply chain excellence from our community of Envi users. Red Hills is a great example of a team that goes the extra mile, by making sure systems are integrated for data sharing and automation, and looking at their supply chain as an interconnected system. By connecting and automating processes at every step, they’ve improved business performance, and in turn, help their clinicians stay focused on what matters most – delivering patient care.”

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