Envi® Clinical

Simple, intuitive, feature-rich medical inventory management software for physician offices, medical groups, and urgent care facilities

Make better, informed buying decisions, never run out of supplies and send all of your orders electronically with Envi.

Smart Procurement

Envi gives you the flexibility of:

  • order entry on multiple devices
  • full barcode scanning
  • auto-find features
  • create customized favorite lists
  • add items from recent orders
  • standardize based on best vendor cost

Simple Receiving


Envi makes it easy to:

  • receive supplies with just a few clicks
  • track receipts by packing slip
  • scan packing slips and attached to PO
  • efficiently manage backorders
  • receive advanced shipment notifications with tracking details

Product Usage


Envi gives you the flexibility to:

  • track product usage on multiple devices
  • track supplies to department, physician and patient
  • track lot, serial and expiration date on any product
  • full barcode scanning

Inventory Control


Envi inventory management allows you to:

  •  always know what’s on the shelf with real-time inventory updates
  • auto-replenish supplies based on par levels
  • track stock, non-stock, consignment, capital, services, etc.
  • do cycle counts on multiple devices with barcode scanning
  • support multiple inventory value methods: FIFO, LIFO, weighted average, last cost and standard cost

Product Catalogs


Envi’s product catalog enable you to:

  • support of an enterprise-wide catalog
  • simply find products even if they aren’t currently in your formulary
  • create favorite lists for quick ordering
  • receive automatic vendor price updates and alerts
  • shop directly from your vendor’s website

Invoice Matching


  • electronic 3-way document match (PO, receiver, invoice)
  • price and quantity validation
  • pre-populated GL codes
  • transmit vouchered invoices into your accounting system for payment
  • discrepancy resolution tools
  • accruals report for received items
  • receive electronic invoices into Envi
  • access to early pay discounts

What our clients say

“Each module within the platform works together like pieces of a puzzle.”

– Stormy Thomas

“Envi®, working in concert with instruction from the purchasing department, has helped our 12 clinical locations streamline orders. Each site places an order once weekly and knows which vendors to buy from, utilizing the priority feature under the vendor tab. Due to stringent strategic sourcing, we were able to reduce our overall orders by buying the right item, from the right source, at the right price. Additional savings were found by processing these orders with EDI.”

– Kiley Gilchrist

“I am extremely happy with IOS. I like how IOS has been able to grow and expand as we have grown. Prior to IOS we had a lot of double entry. The support at IOS has been great.”

– George Brackett

“In addition to allowing the entire purchasing department to operate at a higher level of efficiency the use of this system has also brought efficiencies to our accounts payable and receivable departments.”

– Kevin R. Keller

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