IOS is committed to continually identifying and sharing best practices from our customers to help inform the healthcare community on supply chain automation. Each quarter, we recognize an organization demonstrating exceptional best practices in supply chain.

Congratulations to Red Hills Surgical Center for winning our Quarterly Best Practice Award. Red Hills has demonstrated outstanding capabilities using Envi, creating greater automation and improving end-to-end supply chain processes.

The Red Hills Surgical Center Story

Dan Stannard, RN, CASC – Administrator
Dan Stannard, administrator at Red Hills, outlined goals he and his team established to improve their supply chain processes. “Before implementing Envi, we were operating in two separate systems, and realized interoperability between our procurement and inventory management processes, and our existing surgical software solution, was vitally important. We recognized the need to identify a solution that provided the integration, while also supporting our goals around case costing, inventory management and price management. We set our sights on creating a truly automated supply management system that integrated with our current surgical software, and enabled more control of supply chain processes. Envi was the solution that allowed us to achieve these goals while gaining greater management of supplies, ordering, pricing, invoice matching and inventory.”

    Best Practice Improvements

    By integrating Envi with their existing surgical software, and looking at end-to-end supply chain processes, Red Hills Surgical Center has achieved new efficiencies, beginning with improvements in ordering and contracting, leveraging the mobile app for purchase order approvals to keep ordering on track, and closing the loop with 3-way price matching to ensure correct pricing on invoices.
    Specific best practices include:
    • Integration between Envi and Red Hills’ legacy surgical software solution, increasing automation for clinicians and staff members, and building new efficiencies and visibility to procedures and patients

    • Greater control over supply chain processes, including item management, ordering, pricing, invoice matching and inventory

    • Using the Envi mobile app for purchase order approval, keeping supply orders on time and on track

    • Leveraging 3-way price match consistently to ensure correct invoice payments

    • Reducing the frequency of ordering, and maintaining right-sized levels of on-hand inventory, with better visibility to supplies and increased control over timing of orders and shipments

    • Standardizing contract pricing to manage spend, gaining greater value from both GPO and local contracts

    • Reducing manual workarounds to save staff time

    • Improving item master management – as an ASC, the Red Hills team continuously adds new items. With Envi, duplications are avoided and it’s easy to identify where the same or similar items are already in use

    • Implementing physical counting, which leverages Envi to print out location-specific physical count lists, supporting location-specific counts and supporting overall inventory management

    Overall, Stannard and his team are achieving significant benefits from their use of Envi. “For organizations still using old school, manual processes, with printed orders that you call or fax to your vendor, this is a game changer. Time management has been a huge shift – we went from hand signing POs to doing everything online, instantly. I can catch errors before an order goes out. Our approval process is working. Envi gives administrators and managers the authority they need for control. This system is very easy to use and we can get to online data we need – being able to look up historical information is very beneficial.”


    Summary of Best Practices


    • Integration between Envi and legacy surgical software solution for new efficiencies, greater visibility
    • Improved control over supply chain processes, including timing, price and shipments
    • Consistent automated 3-way price match to ensure correct invoice payments
    • Improved item master management and reduction of duplicate items
    • Physical counting to support inventory management and validation of in-house inventory levels
    • Mobile app automation keeps orders on time and on track